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Learn how this Wearable Medical Device is Saving COPD Patients’ Lives

Today more than 250 million people struggle with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, COPD caused 3.23 million deaths in 2019What if there were a wearable medical device that could monitor a patient’s vitals in real-time? Could doctors adapt treatment quickly, minimizing crisis and reducing hospital stays?  

These are the questions Biosency founders asked themselves. Both founders, Marie and Yann, agreed, We knew we faced some unique design challenges from the start. Unfortunately, the current state of wearable health technology did not include a high precision device with enough comfort and affordability to address the problem.  

Wearable Medical Devices Depend on Comfort & Precise Positioning for Accurate Measurements 

Wearable medical device

The solution would be a wearable medical device that had to be more comfortable than existing wearable health technology, but also reliable and precise. Perfecting these technical capabilities would be challenging, but the benefits would outweigh any obstacles. 

With these aspirations in mind, Biosency developed the BORA Band, a wearable medical device worn on the wrist that connects to the Biosency platform, BORA Connect. The BORA Band relies on an optical sensor to provide precise measurementsThis requires the device to be positioned close to the body with no light interference. Traditional bands would not suffice so a custom solution had to be developed. 

Biosency Co-develops the BORA Band with Velcro Companies 

BORA Band wearable medical device

Marie and Yann contacted Velcro Companies early in 2018 to explore hook and loop options for securing the BORA Band. The VELCRO® Brand Medical Solutions team understood Biosency’s needs and recommended working with R&D to co-design a custom solution. This custom strap offers precise adjustments so that the device is positioned to deliver accurate results at all times.

For Biosency, Velcro Companies brought decades of medical industry experience paired with rich textile knowledge. The VELCRO® Brand Laminated Strap provided a soft, flexible and easy to adjust fastening solution that could deliver vital health measurements. In addition to its functionality, the strap aligned with the device’s CE DM class 2A certification and supported the product’s biocompatibility capabilities. 

The Benefits of the BORA Band 

Based on the real-time data, practicians can now confirm prescriptions, adapt oxygen flow, improve patient management and quality of life. 

BORA Band measures:  

  • Heart rate 
  • The oxygen saturation rate (SpO2) 
  • Respiratory rate 
  • Activity (time and number of steps) 
  • Skin temperature 

Today BORA Band is the first and only device to remotely and accurately monitor patients in real-time, empowering practitioners to improve the quality of their diagnosis, care and quality of life for patients. 

VELCRO® Brand Products are an Established Name in the Medical Industry 

VELCRO® Brand products have been used for countless needs within the medical industry. Whether it’s a standard product or a completely customized solution, the VELCRO® Brand Medical team has the expertise and technology to co-develop devices and equipment for medical use. 

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