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Ease supply chains with our medical device contract manufacturing

Over the last couple of years, the medical industry has seen a roller coaster of challenges. The pandemic caused a sudden spike in demand for personal protective devices, respirators for hospitals, and barriers for social distancing practices. Since then, the industry has been faced with procurement challenges as lead times and supply chains have been disrupted due to a lack of raw materials and staffing shortages. It is imperative that medical device manufacturers adapt to these obstacles since doctors and patients still need access to these vital products. Fortunately, VELCRO® Brand Medical solutions can help fill the gaps in supply chains with medical device contract manufacturing.

Medical Device Manufacturing to Aid Staffing Shortages & Raw Material Procurement

Medical device contract manufacturing

Staffing shortages have made an impact across numerous industries, leaving seaports and warehouses with a lack of hands to load products and deliver them on time. Velcro Companies’ plant in Agua Prieta, Mexico, is dedicated to producing complete medical products, based on our customers’ specifications. Not only can we add innovative fastening solutions, we can produce a wide variety of devices that are ready for doctors and patients.

This acts as an extension of operations for manufacturers dealing with shipping delays and labor shortages. Our experienced medical sales and engineering teams can work with you to conceive the best design for your products, procure local materials and manufacture products. This streamlines operations and can enable your products to arrive to the right place at the right time.

Contract Manufacturing for Numerous Medical Device Types

Medical device contract manufacturing

Our medical device contract manufacturing facility is equipped to produce solutions across multiple applications within the medical industry. Below are examples of products that we can develop.

Orthopedics – Upper and lower body braces and devices to support healing.

Diagnostics – Blood pressure cuffs and other monitoring straps.

Surgical – Patient and device positioning straps used in operating rooms.

Respiratory – Headgear and straps to support CPAP, BiPAP and tracheotomy.

 Vascular – Sequential Compression devices for deep vein thrombosis therapy.

Ostomy – Closure solutions for ostomy pouches and bags.

VELCRO® Brand Medical Solutions Transform Medical Devices

Medical device contract manufacturing

For many years, VELCRO® Brand medical solutions have added value and innovation for the medical industry, and we continue to develop new solutions to align with evolving trends. Our hook and loop fasteners are lightweight to reduce bulk on the overall product design and soft to provide comfort for patients.

They are easy to use for those with limited dexterity and range of motion and can be depended on for hundreds of uses over long periods of time.

Customizable Innovations for an Evolving Industry

Custom converting

We recognize that the medical industry is never stagnant and that is why we’re constantly keeping up with the changing needs of the industry. We have a wide range of customizable options and can work with you to develop a revolutionary solution to align with your next big idea. Let our medical device contract manufacturing capabilities help your business adapt to the challenges for today and beyond.

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