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Here is how to Protect Valuable Automotive Electrical Parts with VELCRO® Brand Products

Over the last two years, vehicle production has undergone peaks and valleys due to COVID pandemic shutdowns and material shortages. On top of that, consumer demand has increased the number of electronics in automobile designs, particularly as electric vehicles trend. Considering these factors, a lot is riding on vehicle electronic systems and the wire harnesses that support them. It is imperative that manufacturers take care of automotive electrical parts, such as wire harnesses, and that is why VELCRO® Brand fasteners are vital to protect them during assembly.

VELCRO® Brand Fasteners Secure Wire Harnesses During Transportation

VELCRO® Brand Fasteners Secure Wire-Harnesses During Transportation

Since electronics account for 40% of the cost of a new vehicle, manufacturers need to focus their attention on how to best handle these systems. Before they reach the assembly line, a supplier will use fasteners to package the harnesses into a compact bundle.

Traditional fasteners such as rigid, plastic ties are tough on wires and can be vulnerable to over cinching which punctures cable jackets. Additionally, they require sharp tools to unfasten and in the fast-paced world of vehicle assembly, this creates the risk of cutting into the valuable wire harness before it enters the vehicle. Having to replace a wire or an entire harness piles up scrap and wasted money on damaged parts.

VELCRO® Brand hook & loop fasteners are made from soft materials that won’t over cinch or damage wires and are easy to open and close without the use of sharp tools. By taking the extra care for packaging wire harnesses with VELCRO® Brand fasteners, assembly will be quicker and eliminate damage to cables.

Protect Wire Harnesses During Installation

Protect Wire Harnesses During Installation

Wire harnesses often must be fed through the vehicle upon installation. This process requires great precision and ease because the connectors can catch on various grooves. This is another disaster that needs to be prevented to save on damaged materials and time.

VELCRO® Brand fasteners are a smart solution to keep wire harnesses bundled together to provide a smooth process of installation as the assembly is pulled through the vehicle. The soft and flexible material of the fasteners will align with various curves and grooves and can be easily unfastened once the wires are in place.

Protect Automotive Electrical Parts while delivering on Consumer Demand

Protect Automotive Electrical Parts while delivering on Consumer Demand

Consumer demands are calling on more features that require electrical parts. In a recent survey by, 66% of Americans indicated they are likely to buy an electric vehicle after the government announced support for national EV infrastructure. This places more dependence on the performance of wire harnesses as they support complex electrical systems in automobiles.

If wire harnesses are properly handled and installed in the vehicle, then these vehicles will better align with the end customer’s needs. Do not take a chance on damaging valuable wire harnesses with rigid fasteners, protect them with the soft, flexible material of VELCRO® Brand hook & loop fasteners. Learn how our regional manufacturing can deliver customized fastening solutions that will support your supply chains.

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