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Support Caregivers & their Patients with Smart Hook & Loop Fastening Solutions

November is National Caregivers month and this is a time to be thankful for everything caregivers do to make life comfortable for our loved ones. They are essential to make their patients’ daily activities possible while improving their quality of life. Many people depend on caregivers, and caregivers depend on an array of high quality tools delivered by VELCRO® Brand Medical solutions to perform their jobs effectively and with the most care and comfort possible.

Enable Movement with Lightweight Orthopedic Devices

Every day, caregivers rely on devices that monitor vitals and support body movement. It’s important to maximize movement and exercise without pain and discomfort, but this can’t be done without orthopedic braces. Getting out of bed and walking across the room can be a difficult effort for patients so it’s important for their caregivers to have access to effective devices that enable movement. VELCRO® Brand fasteners are lightweight to reduce weight and are easy to secure for patients with dexterity challenges.

Monitor Patients’ Vitals with Cuffs and Straps that Provide Comfort & Security

Caregivers depend on tools and devices to monitor vitals of those who need constant, close attention. Hook and loop fasteners enable caregivers to easily secure cuffs and braces, and the flexible material conforms to all body types, maximizing comfort for the patient. Whether it’s a blood pressure cuff, deep vein thrombosis sleeve or a finger cuff, VELCRO® Brand products are designed to support accurate monitoring.

Organize & Position Essential Tubes & Cables

Cables and tubes that connect and power devices and IVs for patients need to be properly positioned and secured to perform at their best. Untidy tubes and cables can cause discomfort and pose as tripping hazards. VELCRO® Brand self-engaging straps can quickly open and close to optimally organize tubes and cables and position them on the patient.

Transform Clothing with Fasteners for Adaptive Apparel

Hook & loop fasteners for adaptive apparel

Dressing patients can be a challenge for caregivers at the beginning and end of each day. Without full use of their extremities and limited range of motion, putting on basic articles of clothing can be arduous. With a family of fasteners intended for the adaptive apparel industry, VELCRO® Brand closures can transform many articles of clothing into solutions tailor-made to reduce time and effort dressing those who need extra help. They are soft against the skin, flexible and easy to open and close for simple adjustments and speedy wardrobe changes.

Caregivers are essential workers in the medical industry. Support the work they do with medical products made with VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners.

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