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VELCRO® Brand Fasteners Enable Wearable Sensor Positioning & Comfort Across Endless Needs

Wearable technology is powering and monitoring countless systems that optimize how we work, exercise and care for loved ones. From virtual reality headsets for entertainment to life-saving medical devices, wearables serve numerous purposes and accounted for over $70 billion USD in revenue in 2022. As businesses and consumers become more dependent on these devices for a growing number of applications, it’s important to get the most out of their readings with precise positioning. VELCRO® Brand fasteners can position wearable sensors and maximize comfort for devices worn from head to toe that are used in hospital rooms, commercial warehouses, daily life and beyond.

Wearable Sensors to Take Medical Readings

Medical Wearable Sensors

In the medical community, wearable devices rely on straps and cuffs to affix sensors to patients for continuous and remote monitoring. This can encompass vital information to alert patients and medical professionals in real time so they can act before health events transpire.

Companies such as Biosency have chosen VELCRO® Brand fasteners to secure wearable devices. Biosency’s BORABand is intended to take precise readings for patients living with COPD while also providing comfort and flexibility. They worked with the VELCRO® Brand medical solutions team to develop a custom solution to accomplish their goal.

Wearable Devices for Industrial & Commercial Purposes

Picture by ProGlove

Industrial warehouses and shipping companies need intuitive devices that can track goods as they move through manufacturing processes and supply chains. When products are moved from one warehouse to another, wearable devices greatly assist workers to scan products quickly without disrupting their workflow.

Manufacturers such as ProGlove provide scanning devices attached to workers hands, eliminating the risk of misplacing scanners or having to constantly grab and point them. This provides a seamless solution that enhances precision and reduces labor time.

ProGlove needed a flexible fastening solution that could help position the device and keep it secured during constant use through the workday. VELCRO® Brand fastening technology provided strong and reliable closures that are easy to adjust and re-position.

Wearable Devices & Accessories for Fitness and Consumer Needs

Wearable Devices & Accessories for Fitness and Consumer Needs

Footwear and apparel manufacturers are trending toward integrating technology into their designs as startup brands re-think how products can better serve consumers. From smart sleeves to running socks, brands are generating new solutions to monitor heart rate, body positioning, sleep habits and more.

Many of these products will require closures to secure pockets, sleeves and cuffs that align with the user’s body so sensors can capture optimal readings throughout the day. For decades, footwear and apparel brands have depended on VELCRO® Brand fasteners to bring new concepts to life, and wearable technology designers do the same to optimize their products.

The VELCRO® Brand SLEEK & THIN™ closure is a game changing fastening solution for wearable devices. Soft to the touch and 30% thinner than traditional hook & loop fasteners, it is ideal to secure devices positioned close to the skin and won the Business Intelligence Group’s 2022 Innovation Award.

Evolving Fastening Solutions to Support What Comes Next

Wearable technology is transforming patient care, job functions and health habits. The possibilities for this technology are endless and as new devices are developed, VELCRO® Brand solutions will evolve to support them. Whether you need an off-the-shelf solution or something completely custom, our team can work with you to procure materials and fill gaps in your supply chain.

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