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How to Secure Corrosion Resistant & High Temperature Materials in Extreme Environments

Many industrial and manufacturing spaces experience extreme temperatures and conditions that need to be contained with protective equipment such as insulation blankets or personal protection. These spaces need fasteners that can handle heat, cold, corrosion or compression, but without damaging valuable materials during installation or repositioning. To help support the materials that insulate pipes and protect workers, VELCRO® Brand fasteners include options that can thrive while securing high temperature materials in extreme conditions.

The Role of Securing High Temperature or Corrosion Resistant Materials with VELCRO® Brand Fasteners

Fasteners to Secure High Temperature Insulation

In extreme environments, it’s critical to secure insulation materials that regulate temperature and protect workers from harm. These can be secured with hardware, but this causes installation to be more laborious. Hardware is also likely to cause damage and poke holes in the materials and are more difficult to grab and adjust while wearing thick, protective gloves and apparel.

VELCRO® Brand industrial fasteners offer product options made with materials that can withstand temperatures to 800° C (1472°F). These fasteners are easy to install without risk of damage to materials and can easily be replaced and removed during maintenance. There is a VELCRO® Brand fastener that can handle the heat, resist corrosion and protect against electrical activity.

Supporting Personal Protection Equipment for Workers in Extreme Environments

Fasteners for High Temperature Materials

Workers also require heavy, personal protection equipment that can stand up to extreme conditions. These include gloves, jackets, pants, headgear and footwear that are specifically designed and rated to align with industry standards and temperature ratings. While operating in these high-risk environments, workers can’t be left to wonder if their gear will be able to handle the heat.

Protective apparel is thick and heavy which can create a challenge while grasping tools and objects while on the job. VELCRO® Brand fasteners bring ease of use with flexible material that is easy to grab and position.

VELCRO® Brand fasteners have been relied on by footwear & apparel and military brands to function under extreme indoor and outdoor conditions and this applies to industrial environments as well. Whether you’re handing dangerous chemicals, or driving a race car, VELCRO® Brand high temperature fasteners include options that can align with various extreme environments while adding improved performance.

The VELCRO® Brand HI-AIR®  Fastener is a sew able, textile closure, made with NOMEX® yarn, and tested to withstand temperatures from -56 to 220°C (-70° to 428°F) and aligns with NFPA 2112 and FAR 25.853. The flexibility and medium cycle life position this fastener as an easy-to-use solution that also holds up to the standards and demands of fire, welding and hazardous materials.

Don’t risk downtime and worker’s compensation because of weak temperature insulation or equipment. Make sure it is secured with VELCRO® Brand high temperature fasteners.

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