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How to Reduce Construction Costs & Time with This Fastening Method

The construction industry is evolving to better reduce scrap, protect workers and optimize efficiency. Screws, nails and adhesives have been the construction fasteners of choice, but they have risks and limitations. To evolve construction project performance, the tools need to evolve too. That is why many building materials can be secured with VELCRO® Brand hook & loop fasteners instead.

How Traditional Hardware & Construction Fasteners Complicate Today’s Construction Sites

Removing nail from wood on a construction site

Construction companies need to complete projects on deadline, but without compromising on quality. Since hardware punctures valuable materials, this requires more time and precision for workers to make sure they install correctly. Repositioning materials is strenuous and laborious and can create piles of scrap.

The cost of materials has risen steadily in the last few years, causing companies to delay or cancel certain projects. When materials need to be repositioned or replaced, they often need to be tossed into the dumpster. Every time a piece of building material is scrapped, the cost of that material impacts the bottom line.

In 2022, the average base salary increase for construction staff rose to 5.13%, the largest in more than 20 years. Additionally, skilled labor is more scarce even as projects become more complex. This is why it is important for companies to identify simple methods to attach materials, reducing labor time and mitigating the risk of paying workers compensation to injured staff.

How to Reduce Construction Costs & Time with VELCRO® Brand Fasteners

Industrial VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners provide options that can secure various heavy materials in construction equipment without the use of hazardous hardware or adhesives. They are easy to replace and reposition to save money on materials. Here are some common examples of where hook and loop fasteners can be used in construction projects.

Attach Roof Membranes with Heavy Duty VELCRO® Brand Fasteners

Installing Roof Membrane with VELCRO(r) Brand Fasteners

Hook and loop fasteners have been a proven solution to secure roof membranes. They replace hazardous, off-gassing adhesives and can be installed year round for a strong closure even during extreme weather.

 Securing Solar Panels

Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels are becoming vital to many corporate sustainability strategies. Many panels are evolving to be lightweight, and flexible and can be secured to flat commercial roofs with hook & loop fasteners.

Wall Paneling & mounting devices

Mounting Wall Paneling with VELCRO(R) Brand Fasteners

Securing paneling and wall-mounted devices can be tedious and arduous. Instead of driving holes into these materials, secure them with adhesive VELCRO® Brand fasteners. This simplifies the positioning and reduces time and labor.

Installing Carpeting

Installing Carpeting

Carpeting is a nice finishing touch to any commercial space, but heavy foot traffic wears down on certain carpet tiles. Secure carpeting with an easy-to-use fastener without nailing it down or using potentially harmful adhesives. Hook and loop fasteners enable the ease of replacing tiles or sections of carpet instead of the entire floor.

Not all projects are the same. Whether you need to secure materials to a roof in the harsh outdoor elements or attach a lightweight electronic device indoors, there is a VELCRO® Band solution that can secure it. Completing construction projects on time and under budget is not always easy, but VELCRO® Brand Fasteners can help.

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