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Redefine Electric Vehicle Seat Designs with Versatile VELCRO® Brand Solutions

In recent years, there has been a significant surge in the popularity and demand for electric vehicles (EVs) worldwide. The automotive industry is delivering the future of transportation with new interior enhancements designed for luxury. As electric vehicle interiors evolve, VELCRO® Brand fasteners are also evolving to align with EV market trends.

Luxury Interiors Built from Sustainable Materials Define Ride Comfort for Electric Vehicles

Modern vehicle interior

Electric vehicles are like a portal into the future. Electric vehicle manufacturers are providing luxurious, but minimalist interiors that provide an experience that redefines the ride. Digital dashboards, self-driving controls and TV screens make vehicles feel like a living room more than a car.

Drivers expect features such as climate control and safety sensors to alert them of blind spots and surrounding vehicles. Because of these features, seating designs must accommodate for the new technology.

The eco-friendly features of electric vehicles don’t stop at the reduction of emissions. Manufacturers are focusing on mono-material designs that are easy to recycle at the end of a vehicle’s life. Additionally, manufacturers are seeking alternative materials such as recycled plastic or plant-based material.

Electric Vehicle Interior Designs Require More Lightweight and Ergonomic Seating

Luxury electric vehicle seat designs

Electric vehicle seating designs include curved features to provide enhanced comfort and support for an overall luxury experience. Designs also need to accommodate for sensors that control temperature and positioning for drivers of various sizes and heights.

To get the most efficient performance out of the vehicle, engineers need to minimize weight. Seating typically contributes to 6% of overall vehicle weight. This means engineers need to procure materials that can provide comfort and fit for passengers, but without unnecessary bulk.

How Engineers Can Deliver the Future of Automotive Interiors with VELCRO® Brand Fasteners

Charging electric vehicle

To align with the aforementioned trends, seating manufacturers need to consider changes in attachment systems. Lightweight VELCRO® Brand fasteners are specified in automotive seating designs to reduce overall bulk. They don’t require tools to install and are flexible to accommodate concave seating designs that align with the future of transportation interiors.

VELCRO® Brand fasteners can be sewn or bonded to a vast array of materials. Since they are reusable, manufacturers can remove and reposition seating attachments without damaging valuable materials and piling up scrap.

Electric vehicles are redefining how the world views transportation. EVs provide sustainable solutions with a luxurious experience and conveniences that transform the driving experience. When creating new seating designs for these needs, depend on VELCRO® Brand fasteners to help support the future of transportation.

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