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Discover New Trade Show Trends & Why You Don’t Want To Miss Out On Face-to-face Time with Customers

Over the last few years, it was not a question of if everyone will return to live events, it was a question of when everyone would be ready to return. As it has turned out, virtual trade shows did not deliver the results companies needed. Businesses were eager to return to in-person events as soon as it was allowed.

Don’t miss out on opportunities to build relationships with new and existing customers. Learn why trade shows are important in today’s business strategy and how to align with new trends in trade show booth designs.

Businesses Return to Live Events to Build Relationships Face to Face

Business professionals meeting at a convention center

Since Q2 of 2021, trade show exhibitions cancellation rates have plummeted from 66% to 0.6%. This clearly indicates that businesses missed the face to face interactions from trade shows and live events. Virtual events helped businesses continue operating, but meaningful conversations and product demonstrations were not the same as they used to be. Trade shows continue to be a cost-effective means of reaching a large target audience in one place.

While attendance is generally rebounding, there is still an obstacle for international trade shows. International trade show attendance has not fully recovered because of the long lead times for US business visas to issue. The wait time can be up to one year, depending on the host country. Congress currently has a number of measures under consideration to shorten these lead times.

Attendees at a trade show

Are you ready to meet your customers and prospects in person again? Before building your next booth, check out these top trends that will turn heads and optimize budgets.

Eye Catching Lighting Displays Using LED Tiling

LED tiling display at a trade show

LED lighting developments are a hidden hero in an exhibition booth. Companies are using lightweight and flexible lighting strips and tiles to illuminate banners and fabric displays. LED tiles can create the opportunity to display various messages on booth walls throughout shows.

If you want your booth visitors to learn about one set of solutions one day and a different set on another, these tiles can switch on command. You can also change the color or mood of a booth based on the lighting program that you choose to play day to day. It’s amazing how the right lighting and technology can transform an entire display.

Pre-manufactured and Rental Booth Options

Businesses need to do more with less. That is why many entities are seeking out pre-manufactured structures and rental options to save on costs. Additionally, rentals offer the ability to customize the look and appearance of any booth.

With rentals, businesses can become more agile and reduce overhead on their trade show budget.

Lightweight Construction Materials for Easier Logistics & Customization

From a logistics perspective, booths are becoming more lightweight in overall design with aluminum extrusions and interchangeable wall panels. This enables quicker construction and tear down so the booth will ship out on time and at a reasonable cost. By incorporating reusable construction materials, booths can be repurposed and customized to save on scrap and costs.

VELCRO® Brand Fasteners Streamline Booth Construction & Logistics with Ease of Labor and Scrap Reduction

VELCRO® Brand Fasteners for trade show booth construction

As trade show booths evolve to accommodate for new displays and materials, contractors need their tools to evolve too. From the lighting to the carpeting, VELCRO® Brand fasteners include solutions that support modern booth designs.

1.    Cable Management for Lighting & Displays

Lighting, TV displays and electronics for product demonstrations will require a lot of cabling. Exhibitors and contractors can put the finishing touches on booths by cleaning up loose cables with VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Fasteners and cable management sleeves. These reusable products organize cables and prevent messy tripping hazards in booths.

2.    Wall, Signage & LED Tiling Attachment

Easily secure, remove and replace panel inserts and signage with VELCRO® Brand adhesive backed fasteners. This solution will support lightweight, digital displays that align with straight or curved surfaces for a full digital experience. These fasteners also prevent damage to valuable materials and enable contractors to reuse booth materials many times over.

3.    Carpeting Attachments

Carpeting can be securely placed with VELCRO® Brand adhesive-backed fasteners. There are hundreds of booths at a show and they will all need a secure attachment for carpeting that can be pulled up quickly before and after each event.

Reusable Pallet Straps to Ship Booths

VELCRO® Brand LOGISTRAP® Pallet Straps securing shipping pallets

Exhibitors can ship booths in and out with VELCRO® Brand LOGISTRAP® Pallet Straps. These straps can be reused for hundreds of shipments, eliminating single use plastic and metal banding that fills up dumpsters and landfills.

Don’t miss out on valuable face time with your customers. The trade show industry is continuing to rebound and it’s important to align with emerging trends. As you build your booth with new technology, you can trust VELCRO® Brand fasteners to support your next big design.

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