PPE Fasteners for Daily Life

VELCRO® Brand PPE Equipment

Ever-changing times require fixtures that are sturdy, but can be installed and replaced quickly and easily. VELCRO® Brand fasteners are user-friendly and dependable solutions for PPE in a variety of environments.

PPE for Daily Life Applications

Face Mask Extender

Face Mask Extender

The VELCRO® Brand face mask extender improves comfort while wearing a face mask for long periods of time. Most masks have limited adjustability and cause pain and irritation to the ears. The VELCRO® Brand face mask extender can reposition ear loops on any mask to reduce pressure on the skin and maximize comfort for prolonged use.

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Face shields for manufacturing

Face Shields

Velcro Companies produces complete face shields that are flexible, soft against skin and easy to adjust for a comfortable fit all day. Reusable VELCRO® Brand fasteners enable prolonged use of the face shield or single use for sanitation.

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Secure sneeze guards for businesses

Sneeze Guard Fasteners for Businesses & Offices

VELCRO® Brand fasteners can secure sneeze guards to a wide variety of surfaces and can easily be replaced and moved for upgrades, maintenance and sanitation. A variety of profiles, strengths and custom cut options are available to adapt to numerous environments. Semi permanent and permanent closures are available based on customer specifications.

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Secure sneeze guards for public transportation

Closures for Public Transportation

High touch points on public transportation require durable yet easy to move fasteners. VELCRO® Brand fasteners can mount sneeze guards to a variety of surfaces with different closure options that are also easy to remove, reuse and replace.

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Attach Sneeze Guards in Private Transportation

Ride sharing and taxi services can depend on VELCRO® Brand fasteners to easily install and remove sneeze guards that protect drivers and passengers. Various pre-cut options, strengths and low and medium profile selections are available to adapt to unique vehicle interiors.

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Secure Sneeze Guards for Air or Ground Travel

VELCRO® Brand fasteners are easy to remove and reuse for sneeze guards that need to be cleaned and replaced frequently. A fire retardant option is available for applications that need to comply with public transportation standards.

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Secure sneeze guards for sport & leisure

Secure Sneeze Guards for Leisure

Sneeze guards in areas of sports and leisure need to be secure, but also easy to remove and replace to remain sanitary. VELCRO® Brand fasteners are a great answer for these applications because they can be reused and replaced with less labor and no tools.

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Indoor & outdoor signage mounting

Indoor & Outdoor Sign Installation

Indoor and outdoor signage needs to be updated to keep up with ever-changing times. VELCRO® Brand fasteners ease the mounting and removal without using tools that risk injury or damage to valuable materials.

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