Care & Application

  • FULL FACE COVERAGE – Provides full face protection.


  • COMFORTABLE AND ADJUSTABLE –VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners provide ease of use and adjustability; foam across the forehead for extended-wear comfort. Skin contacting materials: Polyester Polyurethane foam, Nylon (polyamide) Loop and PET Visor.


  • ANTI FOG / DOES NOT RESTRICT AIRFLOW – Breathe freely and comfortably; anti-fogging eliminates frustrations with wearing eye glasses.


  • REUSABLE – Intended for single person use. Face Shield may be cleaned using the following: soap and water, disinfecting wipes or spray. No autoclave sterilization


Important Information:

  • Product is not intended for medical use
  • Recommendation against use in presence of high intensity heat source or flammable gas
  • Face shield makes no claim of antimicrobial or anti-viral protection
  • Face shield makes no claim of infection protection or reduction
  • Face shield makes no claim of radiation protection

Face Shields for Manufacturing Professionals

VELCRO® Brand fasteners attach the plastic shield to the headband and is a user friendly closure mechanism to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

Face Shields for Daily Life

Our fasteners are used to secure protective equipment for professionals in manufacturing and people in everyday life.