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Reclosure Recognition: New PRESS-LOK® Adoptions


One of Velcro Industries’ main priorities is delivering functional design that makes daily life easier and a little bit more fun. In between busy schedules, responding to pings, emails and pokes on our various mobile devices and apps, taking care of family and friends and managing to find time for ourselves, we are an increasingly busy population. Likewise, our attention is increasingly divided and can be quite short!

A simple enhancement to our busy lives is better packaging. Easier, more efficient packaging can help us keep items fresher, make them more transportable (to help us manage a busy schedule) and keep us organized. Over the past year, we’ve seen tremendous adoption of the PRESS-LOK® reclosure system – our proprietary hook-to-hook technology that allows users to quickly and easily reseal their packages so they can be securely stowed on a shelf, in a bag, on the floor, while maintaining freshness and preventing spills.

VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK® Image Final


Some early adopters include:

  • Lundberg Family Farms®: The first U.S. food company to include PRESS-LOK®, Lundberg Family Farms features the reclosure system in its organic and Eco-Farmed rice lines
  • Scotts® EZ Seed® Grass Seed: Available in either 10 or 14. 5 pound bags, the new packaging extends the shelf life of the grass seed, season after season.
  • Alasko Foods Inc., Smart Fruit: PRESS-LOK® closure can also sustain freezer conditions to keep items like these single-serve frozen mixed fruits both fresh and cold (just the way you want your smoothie).
  • Paragon Pet Products: PRESS-LOK® system’s perfectly aligned closure ensures that dogs can’t devour the entire bag of the WHIMZEES® dog chews.
  • Bolletje: Marking the first PRESS-LOK® closure adoption in the Netherlands, Europe, Bolletje features the closure in the package of its festive caramel and chocolate truffle Kruidnoten cookies.
  • T-Sugars: The PRESS-LOK® closure on these rock sugar bags available in Singapore provides increased convenience for customers.
  • Hills® Pet Nutrition: Keeping hungry pets out of the kibble, PRESS-LOK® tightly secures many of Hills® Science Diet® pet food bags.

Similar to the tactile benefits of other VELCRO® Brand products, when PRESS-LOK® closure is integrated into a package, the sound and feel of the hook-to-hook connection assures the user that it’s closed (and it’s a fun feeling, sort of like popping bubble wrap!).  Additionally, PRESS-LOK® is so easy to seal, that it can be closed with one hand.


We’re working with other major companies and private-label brands to integrate PRESS-LOK® closure into their package design – be sure to look for some of the above products in your local store. Stay tuned on our social channels for new announcements and upcoming global partnerships including a New Zealand bakery brand and a dishwasher tablet manufacturer. 

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