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Velcro Companies Customer Service Representatives Provide Worldwide Care

When you have a question about a company’s products and solutions, who do you call? Customer service representatives are often the face and voice of a company when customers have questions or need problems solved. Customer Service Week celebrates these heroes that solve everyday problems for customers while upholding the reputation of a brand. Thousands of companies worldwide participate in celebrating these valuable employees every year during the first week of October. Here is how the customer service teams help make the VELCRO® Brand great and go above and beyond for their customers.

Consistent Customer Service Worldwide

Global Customer Service

Velcro Companies has a global presence in Asia/Pacific, Europe and the Americas. Our teams are prepared to deliver the same level of quality, service and attention from China to the United States, while working at home or the office. Regardless of where the customer is located, our teams are nearby to provide prompt service.

A Proactive Approach with A Customer First Mentality

Customer service representative

Velcro Companies maintains a quality culture that prioritizes a customer first mentality. This means our teams are equipped with the best knowledge, skills and tools to address problems over the phone or email.  Live chat was recently implemented for the teams in Europe, which has been well-received by customers.

Customer Service Representatives Rise To Challenging Circumstances

Customer service representative

When businesses transitioned to a remote workforce in March 2020, the Velcro Companies customer service teams took this in stride. While working from home every day for over a year, they have had the tools and ability to deliver the same quality service customers have always counted on.

The pandemic delivered additional challenges for many businesses including disruptions in supply chains, shipping, labor shortages and limitations of raw materials. The Velcro Companies customer service teams have found solutions to these pain points using the company’s ability to procure various materials and provide converted and finished goods from various locations, worldwide.

Here is what one of our customers said:

“Every time we need information, pricing, or need a question answered, the Velcro Companies Customer Service Team is always quick to respond with reliable and useful answers.  We always feel confident that we can rely on the Customer Service Teams responses when our customers need information that they can count on to keep their operations running smoothly.  Having a trustworthy and truthful vendor has helped us to grow our business into new markets while allowing us to continue to service our customers with swift product deliveries and high quality products.” – Walt Lopez, President at MJ May Material Specialists Inc.

When someone needs product samples, requires a speedy delivery or simply has a question, the customer service team is there. Velcro Companies is greatly thankful for the level of care our customer service teams provide every day.

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