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Empower Everyone by Optimizing Assistive Technology Devices & Daily Tasks

Everyone has their own set of obstacles each day and 15% of adults around the world live with a disability, but none of them want to be defined by their condition. For those with mobility or dexterity conditions, assistive technology devices can help make daily tasks easier. There are numerous ways to optimize these devices and daily tasks with VELCRO® Brand Fasteners. Doing so helps those with mobility and dexterity challenges live with fewer limitations and more choices.

Soft, Flexible Closures for Adaptive Clothing

Adaptive clothing for people with disabilities

To replace rigid fasteners that require precise alignment and a tight grip, VELCRO® Brand fasteners can serve as easy solutions to secure pockets, shirts, pants, and accessories. This enables the design of traditional clothing to align with the users’ abilities, rather than the other way around. These fasteners greatly support adaptive clothing designs so users can have more choices in what to wear.

Clever Solutions for Assistive Technology Devices in Daily Life

Hairbrush for people with disabilities

People with dexterity conditions need assistance to grip many household objects such as pens, forks, brushes, doorknobs and more. Adhesive backed or self-engaging VELCRO® Brand fasteners can be affixed to these objects to transform their daily tasks. Users can relax and enjoy exercise, meals, drawing and more.

Easily Carry & Attach Accessories to Walkers, Wheelchairs & other Assistive Technology Devices

Assistive technology devices

Whether someone has a mobility condition or is recovering from an injury, wheelchairs, walkers and crutches are essential in their lives, but carrying objects requires some creativity and VELCRO® Brand Fasteners can deliver. Adhesive backed or self-engaging fasteners can provide an easy solution to secure beverages, mobile devices, keys and other personal effects to wheelchairs and walkers. Simply grab, adjust and fasten.

Making Food Pouches & Containers Easier to Open & Close

Flexible packaging for people with disabilities

Consumers with conditions such as arthritis, carpel tunnel and tendonitis will require easier packaging to continue using products they love. If they struggle with gripping and opening packaging, then they will likely seek alternatives.

VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK® closures add a flexible and easy to use fastening system to consumer packaging. It’s a friendly solution for those who struggle to grasp and align traditional, rigid fasteners. This soft closure requires a gentle squeeze, without precise alignment, to obtain a reliable seal. This provides a more accommodating solution for anyone with dexterity challenges.

No one wants to be limited by a condition, but VELCRO® Brand fasteners help everyone enjoy life with fewer obstacles. Contact us to learn how our regional manufacturing locations and teams can help you transform your product designs and ease supply chains.

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