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VELCRO® Brand FLEX-ZONE™ Fasteners Help reduce the use of adhesives in Infant Diapers & Adult Incontinence Products

Personal care products support everyone at various stages of life, from diapers for infants to adult incontinence garments for active adults. Since these products are so integrated in our daily lives, consumers want to know the products they use consist of safe materials. Adhesive free solutions can simplify the manufacturing processes for manufacturers while instilling peace of mind for consumers. Here are the benefits of creating eco-friendly diapers and adult incontinence products without adhesives, and how VELCRO® Brand FLEX-ZONE™ fasteners can help.

Infant Diapers & Adult Incontinence Products without Adhesives can Reduce Environmental Impact in Manufacturing & Disposal

Adhesive Free Adult Incontinence & Baby Diapers

It is said that newborn babies can go through approximately 3,000 diapers within their first year. Considering the large volume of disposable diapers that are discarded every year, it’s important to ensure they can properly break down to minimize their impact in the waste stream. Brands that choose to reduce adhesives from their disposable diapers and adult incontinence garments can create a more sustainable future with an efficient disposal process.

The manufacturing process of adhesive-free products can help with sustainability as well. Without adhesives, consuming fewer materials requires less production and energy which all contributes to a smaller carbon footprint.

A Sustainable End Product that Aligns with Consumer Values

Adhesive Free Personal Care Products for Consumers

When your customers are looking for products in the store, how will your brand stand out against the competition? If they are manufactured with fewer chemicals, brands can make claims or receive certifications to verify the quality of the materials that make up their products. Customers who prioritize eco-friendly diapers and adult incontinence products will be more likely to choose your brand if you align with their values.

Manufacturing Diapers & Adult Incontinence products with fewer adhesives reduces Volumes of Material, Costs of Manufacturing & Lead Times

Adhesive Free Materials for Personal Care Manufacturers

Adhesives have traditionally been used to hold a garment together, but this can create complications within manufacturing. The more materials that go into the design, the higher the probability that the end product will cost more to produce. The longer list of materials can also lead to longer lead times when suppliers have material or labor shortages.

Procuring materials that reduce adhesives can streamline manufacturing by reducing or eliminating the number of materials and costs. Additionally, costs can be saved on the expenses and time that could have been spent on the complex process of properly disposing of excess chemicals according to industry or government requirements.

VELCRO® Brand FLEX-ZONE™ fasteners are adhesive free and have served as versatile solutions to secure baby diapers and adult incontinence garments. If you need to reduce the chemical content in your personal care products, speak with a Velcro Companies representative to learn how we can develop the best fastening solution for your needs.

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