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Recycled Claim Standard adds confidence in VELCRO® Brand Products made from Recycled Content

Velcro Companies received the Textile Exchange’s Recycled Claim Standard for the VELCRO® Brand ECO Product Line, a family of hook & loop fasteners made with recycled content. As part of our global product development strategy, this greatly supports Velcro Companies’ initiative to create more sustainable products that help make the world a better place.

Velcro Companies Delivers on Sustainability Goals for Global Manufacturers

To obtain the certification, multiple Velcro Companies facilities passed a stringent audit performed by the Control Union. This verified that our manufacturing processes met the requirements for the Recycled Claim Standard. Our facilities have been serving footwear and apparel customers for years and now have the extra validation of the Recycled Claim Standard Certification.

As consumers demand companies do more to help the environment, footwear and apparel brands are working to design products that help divert material from landfills. Using a trusted brand with the Recycled Claim Standard Certification can greatly help brands align with this goal as they develop environment-friendly products.

The Recycled Claim Standard Adds Validity for Brands & Transparency for Consumers

The Textile Exchange is a global non-profit organization that seeks to lead positive action for the environment through the fashion and textile industry. The organization develops and promotes leading industry standards and collects and publishes important industry data that is used by brands to better manage and track their use of preferred materials.

The Recycled Claim Standard is a voluntary set of requirements for third-party material procurement and chain of custody. Its goal is to increase the use of recycled materials among textile manufacturers and provide assurance in accuracy of materials.

VELCRO® Brand Solutions Help Manufacturers Obtain their Goals of Designing Products with Recycled Materials

The VELCRO® Brand ECO product line was introduced to the footwear and apparel market in 2021 as a family of hook and loop fasteners made with recycled content. These closures offer footwear and apparel manufacturers the same reliable hook and loop technology while aligning with their goals of designing products made from recycled content.

The Recycled Claim Standard certification adds more validity to VELCRO® Brand products. Manufacturers can now develop products made from recycled content with the validation of the recycled claim standard and the quality they have come to trust from VELCRO® Brand products.

Whether you need to design rugged outerwear and accessories, delicate children’s apparel or something completely reimagined to target inclusivity in your clothing line, Velcro Companies has a fastening solution that can align with your specifications.

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