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Updating Aircraft Carpeting With Sustainability & Punctuality in Mind

The aviation industry is always facing new challenges. Crews need to clean and repair aircraft cabins on tight, fast-paced schedules just like stagehands between scenes for a Broadway show. Operators are seeking sustainable aircraft materials while aligning to the many federal aviation regulations.

One of the biggest projects for commercial aircraft interior maintenance teams is the replacement of carpeting. This can take several hours and cause unnecessary damage to floors. VELCRO® Brand fasteners can provide solutions that improve sustainability and simplify labor while meeting strict aerospace compliance standards.

Reusable Materials to Save on Costs & Maximize Sustainability on Aerospace Carpeting

Aircraft Interior

Depending on the type of aircraft, carpeting must be removed and replaced every six to twelve months to maintain clean appearances and sanitation, according to a supplier. Large commercial airplanes may change the carpeting more frequently based on passenger volume. This process generally requires several hours of labor time, especially if traditional adhesives are used to affix the carpeting to the floor. 

Adhesives are difficult to replace and often cause damage to the floor when carpeting is removed. VELCRO® Brand fasteners can be reused thousands of times to maximize the number of carpet replacements. Considering how frequently carpeting is replaced on commercial airliners, the large amount of scrap caused by adhesives can be spared by reusing hook and loop.

Reduce Labor & Time to Keep Flights on Schedule


In the airline business, keeping flights on time is a top priority to keep customers happy. Operators have limited time to prepare an airplane before the next flight. Instead of taking several hours to rip out traditional adhesives, VELCRO® Brand hook and loop reduces time. 

Aviation maintenance technicians can easily remove hook and loop fasteners, leaving the strips of hooks on the floor. Then a new carpet can be re-attached to that same strip of hooks without using tools. With no need to replace damaged floor panels, crews can get large aircraft back into service sooner.

FAR 25.853 Approved Carpeting Attachments for Safety & Compliance

Aircraft carpet and seats

FAR 25.853 is a vertical burn test requiring materials to self-extinguish within 12 seconds. All materials installed in aircraft interiors must meet this specific requirement.

VELCRO® Brand hook and loop material and its adhesives are tested and certified according to FAR 25.853. This means aircraft manufacturers can create fully compliant carpeting designs with the benefit of VELCRO® Brand hook and loop closures.

Improve Aircraft Maintenance & Operations with VELCRO® Brand Fasteners


Aircraft interior maintenance is a vital, behind the scenes transformation that provides a comfortable in-flight experience for passengers. High performance VELCRO® Brand fasteners are reusable materials that optimize installation and labor times while aligning with aerospace standards. With regional manufacturing and customer service teams, we can provide the aircraft interior materials your supply chain needs.

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