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Manufacturers Can Help Ease Global Supply Chain Challenges with VELCRO® Brand Products

Since early 2020, the pandemic has created challenges for the world in countless ways. 2021 included the vaccine rollout and eased conditions, however, other issues have appeared. Additional COVID-19 restrictions and labor shortages have caused significant supply chain issues for the production of many commonly used products. Major global ports are seeing 83% longer delays in shipping from the pre-pandemic world. For manufacturers who depend on goods from overseas, this causes big disruptions in supply chains that result in long lead times and diminished inventory. Purchasing managers need to adapt to these new challenges by finding locally-sourced goods and Velcro Companies can address this need for several reasons.

Global Service & Manufacturing to Reduce Lead Times

While many suppliers are struggling with delayed overseas shipments, Velcro Companies has continued to deliver for its customers due to a global presence. Instead of depending solely on sources from another continent, Velcro Companies has active manufacturing plants in the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific regions. Regardless of the customer’s location, Velcro Companies is located nearby to deliver locally-sourced goods on quicker lead times and with prompt customer service.

Velcro Companies Converted & Finished Goods Help Alleviate Labor Shortages

In this current “great reset”, workers are not showing up to work as they did before forcing companies to scramble to fill the gaps on day to day jobs such as cutting and converting finished textile goods. Velcro Companies offers a variety of products and services including converted and fully finished products, acting as an extension of the customers’ manufacturing processes. This helps fill the gaps left by labor shortages for many companies that are struggling to get products out the door.

Products In Stock & Ready to Ship

As supply chain issues become more complicated, the value of inventory rises greatly. Fortunately, Velcro Companies has products stocked and ready to ship from any of its global locations. Don’t be restricted by today’s supply chain issues, find a way to succeed in the face of adversity with the help of Velcro Companies. Contact us today to learn how our many capabilities can help your business thrive.

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