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How to Attach VELCRO® Brand Fasteners for Commercial Applications

Whether you need to secure carpeting in an airplane or fix a camera to a wall, VELCRO® Brand Fasteners include solutions for numerous uses, indoors and out. Some applications will see extreme temperature fluctuation, vibration or dust and debris and there are so many substrates to attach it to. Here are the various attachment methods we suggest to help you identify which is best for your application.

How to Attach VELCRO® Brand Fasteners with Adhesives


VELCRO® Brand fasteners are often used when two surfaces need to be attached, but without puncturing the materials with screws or nails. For smooth, solid surfaces, adhesives are usually the best option to attach hook and loop closures. Adhesives available for VELCRO® Brand fasteners include pressure sensitive and heat or chemically activated.

Applications that used adhesive-backed closures can include dunnage, hanging signage, electronics or lighting on a wall and securing wall paneling in an office or for transportation interiors. Fasteners are available in various adhesive types that are suitable for many wood, PVC or metallic surfaces within indoor or outdoor environments.

When to Sew-on Hook & Loop Fasteners

residential sofa with furniture fasteners

When your application includes a soft, flexible surface, a sew on method is typically the best attachment method. Many medical and footwear and apparel attachments include sew on applications to secure fasteners to orthopedic devices, wearable technology and jackets, but this method can be used in industrial technology too. Flexible products that endure extreme conditions such as thermal insulation blankets can require sewn on fasteners. Additional examples include furniture manufacturing and securing hydraulic sleeves.

When to Apply Welded Hook & Loop Fasteners


Welding on a hook and loop fastener entails fusing the material of the fastener with another surface of the same material type, creating a mechanical bond. This can be used for flexible or rigid surfaces that cannot be compromised by sewing or adhesives. Personal care brands prefer adhesive free products and that is why our fasteners are welded into the materials to reduce the use of chemicals during manufacturing. This is also a good attachment method for some medical applications such as blood pressure cuffs and orthopedic products.

Endless Fastening Solutions for Future Innovations

We know every application has its own set of unique requirements and that is why we have been innovating our fastening systems for decades. Our teams can work closely with you to procure the right materials and build a tailor-made fastener that is as unique as your company’s solutions. There are many other methods of attachments based on your process.

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